Private Machine Sessions

GYROTONIC is performed primarily on precision-crafted, non-motorized “machines” that adjust for height, tension, and extension. Machine work is suitable for people of all ages and abilities. With the machines, you can reach out into space (and pull back) to a much greater degree than you ever could without that support. 75+ movements emphasize rotation and strengthen your movement. Every joint elongates and contracts with control, with respect to your body’s limitations and opportunities for expansion.

You don’t need to take the Fundamentals Workshops before private machine lessons, but your progress will be much faster if you do.

$125 – 3-session intro *all new clients start here*

$59 – one session, 60 minutes

$280 – 5-pack (save 5%)

$530 – 10-pack (save 10%)

Brand New Clients: Choose 60-min Solo Sessions, then choose the 3-Session Intro Package for New Clients.

 If you don’t see a time that works for you, contact me to see if we can set something else up. You can book up to 48 hours in advance (even though availability may be shown for closer time slots). Feel free to contact me for a last-minute appointment.

All purchased sessions are non-refundable but are transferable (with limitations), and expire within 4 months. There is a 24-hr cancellation policy, too.

Client-Independent Workouts

Prerequisite: For experienced clients only. Call to book.

Once you’ve built up enough knowledge and skill and we’ve created a personalized routine, you can come in to workout on your own on a machine during open studio hours or by appointment. This experience is built up typically after 30 to 50 hours of individual instruction. If I’m available and in and around the studio, I’m happy to provide pointers and feedback and to answer questions. Otherwise, you’re blissfully on your own!

Half-day Intensives (great for out-of-towners)

If you’re from outside Waterloo or would simply like to maximize your time and progress, come in for an extended half-day session with lots of time on the machine. Take home a customized routine of exercises that are also taught in the workshops. Follow up a session with a 15-minute phone call or Facetime consultation for questions and clarifications. Please call to discuss.