Meet Kirsten

KirstenBeachFormer Technical Writer, Instructional Designer,
& UX Researcher turned certified GYROTONIC® instructor and psychotherapist-in-training.

I came to Gyrotonic with a broken body. After 20+ years in software/product development and the chronic pain that came sitting all day (not to mention the stress levels), I could no longer twist around to look behind me. At 45, I felt 85. So I left tech and completed over 350 hours of training to become the only certified trainer licensed and equipped to offer GYROTONIC® in southwestern Ontario.

I provide hands-on guidance and instruction on the “machines” at the studio in Uptown Waterloo, and I teach non-machine-based fundamentals workshops and classes around town at various locations, including the tranquil FlowtKW and the venerable KW Pilates.

I was also a photographer for many years and co-created the Naughty Paris series of guidebooks for women who’d like to explore the tastefully erotic subculture of large cities like Paris and New York City. Think haute, not red light. Our first book won the Independent Book Publishers Award, Travel category, 2009. It was ahead of its time, long before the days of 50 Shades.

My career in tech took me into the heart of Toronto and the surround areas, to the south of France, and eventually to the tech mecca of Waterloo, Ontario. I was an independent contractor for the most part and my work spanned many industries including telecommunications, media, marketing, critical systems engineering, banking, a long stint in 3-D graphics and animation, digital display systems, content management, learning management, and the sharing economy. (You can start to see why I burned out…)

These says, I am in training to become a licensed psychotherapist in the emerging biopsychosocial (BPS) approach to clinical therapy and I’m exploring ideas and themes of psychosomatic disorders (I used to have one), the art and science of persistent pain management (I’m a life-long sufferer) , biomechanics and fitness (my hobby-turned-into-business), career burnout and renewal (oh, so much to say), scientific self-experimentation and self-directed behaviour (one of my passions), and personality theory (what I really geek out on).