What clients are saying

 “I heard about GYROTONIC® through a friend, and wasn’t sure what to expect. I immediately found Kirsten to be very approachable and fun to work with, which is so important when trying something for the first time! I signed up for a 5-week workshop, where she managed to give each participant her personal attention and guidance. She has a knack for explaining things in a way that just makes sense. I very quickly gained confidence with these exercises – not perfection, but a clear path of progress that is very encouraging! Kirsten is warm and supportive, always encouraging each participant to give their very best. Through GYROTONIC®, I have found not only stress reduction, but also a renewed sense of strength and body mastery that has been very satisfying. I highly recommend GYROTONIC®, and Kirsten specifically as an instructor.”
– S.D, Product Manager

“I signed up for the intro 3-session Gyrotonic package with skepticism. I had lower back discomfort/strain and constant tension in my shoulders from hours spent in front of my screen every day. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed my first session and found myself feeling more relaxed from the exercises. After the second session, I was shocked to notice that I was still bracing for certain movements,  but the strain on my lower back was already gone. I also had the epiphany that I was retraining my brain as much as my body and I was able to “un-tense” my shoulders even during times I was in a relaxed state. At the end of my third session, I was a believer. Kirsten provides patient and encouraging guidance as we worked through each session. I highly recommend Gyrotonic with Kirsten. I can hardly wait to start my next set of sessions!
– Y.M. Director, Product Management

I’m more aware of my body – how I’m standing, sitting, moving, and how it puts strain on me. I know points to focus on to relax my muscles and move into more correct posture. After a session, I feel taller and slimmer in my clothes. And I can feel the spaces between my joints and bones – it’s like I’m lighter, there’s more air there.
– C.I. Strategy Consultant

I wasn’t sure what to expect from GYROTONIC®, but I knew that little else was working to relieve my lower back pain. I learned the basic concepts in my first session – and I thought this could really work for me. After a few exercises on the machine in that first session, I felt almost immediate relief. The numbness on my lower back was gone. After three sessions, I knew this was something that I had to stick with. It has improved by everyday comfort and made a lasting difference.

Kirsten is an excellent instructor. She customized a plan for my unique problems and worked tireless to be sure I got it right. Trying GYROTONIC® with Kirsten will not disappoint you!
– M.G. Director, Solution Management