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The Guardian: Murray’s secret weapons: GYROTONIC® exercise and cantaloupe melon 

“Revealing details of his championship diet and fitness regimen before his clash with Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Murray, 29, said he had turned to GYROTONIC® exercise following back surgery in 2013… ‘That was something I started doing a lot more of when I had my back surgery. Really, that was the sort of time. I can’t afford any more surgeries like this. I need to start looking after my body much better than what I was.’ ”

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The Wall Street Journal: GYROTONIC® is a workout that helps restore mobility in the spine 

“In the case of Mr. (Carl) Lewis (a multi-sport Olympian), he could run and jump, but he couldn’t move his spine,” Ms. Ell says. “We taught him to use his entire body when he moves.”

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