The GYROTONIC® method


Kirsten Loop of The Unravelled Self is the only certified GYROTONIC® trainer licensed and equipped to teach the GYROTONIC® method in all of southwestern Ontario.

Currently operating as a tiny exercise boutique in the heart of Uptown Waterloo’s quaint commercial district, the studio is home to two pulley towers—the non-motorized machines that will change your entire relationship with your body no matter your age or physical ability.


The studio at 24 Regina St. N. Uptown Waterloo

3-dimensional full-body movement

GYROTONIC® exercise consists of circular and expansive movements that promote undulation-like mobility of the spine in all directions. You move through and extend your natural range-of-motion—no matter your mobility level—without jarring or compression. Your body retrains itself to move in its most comfortable, intelligent, and fully expressed way—the way we’re intended to in both regular daily life and top sports performance.

Stop kinking your neck, cramping your calve, or throwing out a rib with a simple sneeze or by rolling over in bed—or seemingly for no reason whatsoever. If you’re already in top shape, break through performance plateaus and persistent injuries.

GYROTONIC® movements gently unlock chronically locked bodies at a rapid rate. By contrast, Pilates and yoga—practices I still love and do—are more linear in nature, or at least typically taught that way at non-advanced levels; that is, the body reaches or twists on one plane at a time. All GYROTONIC® exercise is 3-dimensional movement that works the body differently.

Machine sessions for 1 or 2 people

Think ‘physiotherapeutic touch meets assisted stretching, meets yoga, tai chi, Pilates, and synchronized swimming’—but without the scorching hot room or pool of water. No sweat, eh? Yes, literally. You won’t sweat while getting amazing results, and you can get on with your day.

60-minute or 90-minute sessions with fully customised instruction and hands-on assistance from a Certified Trainer.

Single sessions, 3-, 5-, or 10- packs available at discounted prices.

Highly customizable equipment for a bespoke workout

The human body is designed to work as one harmonious system; to follow arcing and spiraling paths of motion; and to transition from one movement to the next smoothly and efficiently. The GYROTONIC® equipment is designed to promote these natural movement patterns.

 GYROTONIC® meets your body where it’s at. The machines are non-motorized, entirely adjustable to fit each person’s unique physique and ability, adapting for height, arm/leg length and range-of-motion. We can adjust tension, counterbalance with weight, and fine-tune the reach of handles, knobs, and straps to accommodate your particular set of issues, restrictions, and goals—no matter how big or small they are.

The machine provides assistance and support for the movement. You get immediate feedback about your physical imbalances, limitations and opportunities for improvement. You learn a lot about your own body’s biomechanics. And with individual instruction and assessment of a certified instructor and you have a bespoke workout like none other. Bring your reports and recommendations of your health professionals—physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths—and we’ll work on your problem areas while maximizing your strengths.

Handle tension, length, distance adjustable for all ages and abilities.

It reduces overcompensation and overwork

GYROTONIC® exercise isn’t about lifting weights. The weights we use provide light resistance or a counterbalance to the weight of your limbs so that overcompensation and overwork are eliminated. Your body does the work.

What’s it like when you can barely hold your legs in the air for safe abdominal work in a yoga class? You overcompensate in hip flexors, lower back, neck or shoulders, right? Or what happens when you have really tight hips and you try to bend forward in The Saw in Pilates? You overreach and overwork your midback. GYROTONIC® interrupts this overcompensation dynamic, not only during the workout but also in daily life. This is the whole point of the machine. With something to gently push and pull against, you can reach more confidently into the space around you to a much greater degree than you can without a machine. The machine works like a wonderland of yoga props to help you work through spinal restrictions or weak links in your musculature so that you can retrain for proper movement, reduce pain, and advance faster. 

2 programs, 3-levels

The more than 75 modifiable exercises provide almost unlimited movement options to accommodate your needs. The Unravelled Self has created three levels of challenge that build upon each other. Level 1 is for everybody. Choose between Upper Body and Lower Body programs, or take a whole body approach and work with whatever’s bothering you in the moment.


Do it at home or on the road, too

During machine sessions, you’ll learn some unique movement principles in a series of simple-but-ridiculously-effective moves you can do on a floor or chair at home or while travelling—moves that take only minutes to do and don’t require warm up.

Consider taking a Floor & Chair Fundamentals Workshop to deepen your understanding of the non-machine-based moves and to build strength and mobility, then come in and tune up with challenging 30-minute Fundamentals Express classes.

Movement repatterning for everybody

Amateur and high-level athletes who want a performance boost
Busy moms who need to haul s*it around all day
Babyboomers with bodies in decline
Octogenarians who want to avoid falls
Rehab patients who want their bodies back
Youth sports performance
Techies with radiating tingling and numbness
Unexplained chronic pain sufferers
Golfers, martial artists, tennis players, swimmers…
Kids with ‘text neck’ or Minecraft-induced shoulder pain…

GYROTONIC® instructors around the world are experiencing astounding successes in improving the quality of life of clients who have scoliosis, multiple sclerosis, even partial paralysis from car accidents.

Superior pain management & quality of life improvement

My own story is echoed throughout the Gyrotonic community: It fixed my body!

Chiropractic costs have plummeted from $80 per week to about $50 *per month*.  I’m down from 6 tablets of ibuprofen a day to 2 per week—if that.   -Kirsten Loop

Carefully crafted and refined over 20+ years by Juliu Horvath, a self-rehabilitated professional dancer, GYROTONIC® creates balance, efficiency, strength, and flexibility. Everyday life improves. Walking, sitting, reaching, standing, throwing, bending, carrying, climbing, kneeling, keyboarding…everything feels easier. Physical performance skyrockets.

My clients report feeling taller, all “loosey goosey,” more grounded and in control of their movement, and as though they’ve had a full body massage that lasts well after the session. Some clients have generalized lower back pain disappear within one session. One client could stand up and sit down without sacral pain for the first time in months after a car accident—in one session as well. Others have more complex issues that require more intensive “unlocking” (like mine), but they find greater mobility quickly. Many say that they catch themselves holding tension and now know how to release it for themselves.

No, you don’t need to do it “forever”

(But you may end up wanting to!)

I consider GYROTONIC® the ‘great enabler’ of movement. Your body will unleash itself from long-standing maladjusted patterns of movement with surprisingly fast results and you can just get on with life: whether it’s playing with grandkids on the floor again, running a marathon without killing your knees, nerding out more efficiently at a workstation for days, kicking it up a notch or two in yoga or Zumba, hauling a newborn carseat around (ugh—I remember that back pain), simply walking up and down the stairs without pain, or lying in bed without and tingling and numbness radiating down your legs and arms.

Where to start

Start with the 3-session intro and see where it goes. You won’t know if it’s for you until you try it.


If it works for you, consider dedicating a few weeks of regular sessions (10-session pack?) to do some intensive opening of your body. Then, come in for tune ups here and there, or continue with weekly practice. Optionally supercharge your progress with non-machine workshops and classes. Even if you decide never to return, you’ll experience a greater ease of movement and walk away with more knowledge about how to protect your body as you age.