A Structured Diary for Vaginismus Dilation At Home

A 3-Week Project in Self-Discovery

Everyone’s experience of vaginismus is unique. Regular diaries can be great for self-insight, but they’re usually only a record of thoughts, accomplishments, and sensations. I’ve created a little how-to guidebook that shows you how to keep an ultra simple, scientifically informed “structured” diary that’s better designed to uncover unseen clues about your dilation experience—whether or not you’re working with a pelvic floor physiotherapist. You’ll write briefly – very briefly! – each day for about 3 weeks total. These kinds of diaries are used in health care and treatment all the time! What you find can be surprising and can help you tweak your home dilation experience for potentially greater—and faster—success! 

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Beautifully Designed. Easy to Understand.

Identify obstacles. Target opportunities. Gain deeper self-insight. Discover actionable information. Tweak your process. Stay motivated.

The eBook

”I only meant to have a quick look before breakfast and ended up reading it all! This is brilliant. The way you've introduced the ABC model to readers, subgoals, moonshot metaphor is much fresher than the standard ones, celebrating and rewarding achievements, fear-avoidance, Kara and Maya examples, adding in some science - plenty of gems in here.”
Sheren Gaulbert
Pain Science Educator, Trustee Vulval Pain Society, UK

Printed Booklets for the Clinic & Supplemental Material for Patients

"The booklet is so beautiful — the words, the setup. It's inviting and hopeful! I can't wait to have it in the clinic for patients."
Dr. Sandy Hilton, PT, DPS, MS
Entropy Physiotherapy & Wellness, Chicago

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